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  • IKEA celebrates everyday happiness in Australia
  • IKEA celebrates everyday happiness in Australia
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IKEA celebrates everyday happiness in Australia

Major life stages, like becoming a new mum or buying a house, are moments that ad agencies often use in campaigns. But IKEA in Australia has chosen to focus on the mundane moments of our daily routines, such as waking up to one's morning alarm, which resonate with us all.



  • Article image IKEA Live Lagom: teaching Brits to live sustainably

    The Danish concept of hygge was everywhere in 2016, but 2017 looks set to be defined by ‘lagom’ – a Swedish way of living that revolves around only taking what you need. IKEA is introducing Brits to this idea through Live Lagom, a project that encourages a more sustainable lifestyle at home.

  • Australians respond well to ads on TV Australians respond well to ads on TV

    It often seems that digital is the future of advertising. But how do audiences feel about these platforms? Recent research has found that television adverts are actually the most likely to influence people to take action, suggesting that traditional media still hold some power.

  • Article image Where should brands fit into our life stories?

    Storytelling has become a guiding principle for great marketing, letting companies neatly fit into consumers’ lives. But with one well-timed ad capable of changing someone’s shopping habits for years, how can brands address our milestone moments without seeming opportunistic?

  • Article image Argos Birthday Club: taking the pain out of kids’ party planning

    Kids birthday parties are pricey. UK parents spend more than £200 on cake, entertainment and party bags each year. Argos has launched a Birthday Club to aid party-stricken parents, offering ideas, tips and 20% off party essentials. Could it become the go-to brand for setting birthdays off with a bang?