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  • Baby2Body sends mums personal tips
  • Baby2Body sends mums personal tips
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Baby2Body sends mums personal tips

Online platform Baby2Body provides personal tips and recommendations for women who are planning for pregnancy, for those who are pregnant and for those who've already had kids. And it's combatting stereotypes around pregnancy and motherhood in the process.



  • Women are shunning maternity smocks Women are shunning maternity smocks

    As attitudes towards pregnancy change, women are ditching bland, shapeless smocks in favour of more fashion-forward apparel. In reaction, some brands are breathing life into the maternity aisle, showing that just because you're pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a style statement.

  • Article image Hello Mamas: a digital space for new mums to meet

    Between dirty nappies, sleepless nights and screaming kids, being a parent is tough. This is a time when having a good support network is key, but 82% of mums find it difficult to make friends. Enter Hello Mamas, a social networking platform that connects mothers in a bid to form friendships.

  • There are 66 'types' of mum There are 66 'types' of mum

    Mums in advertising aren't often noted for their diversity. The archetypal ‘mother’ figure tends to obliterate any sense of the millions of individuals that make up such a massive demographic. To tackle this, Mumsnet attempted to segment them, coming up with 66 different mum 'types'.

  • Article image How new mums like to shop

    Becoming a parent is one of life’s most stressful – albeit cherished – moments. With Brits spending an average of £1,619 to prepare for a baby, some mums are buying on their smartphones at all hours. But how do new mothers really like to shop? And which brands are meeting their needs?