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  • Video gaming may lead to sexist views
  • Video gaming may lead to sexist views
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Video gaming may lead to sexist views

Only 22% of game developers are women, and female characters within the medium are often underrepresented and oversexualised. To make things worse, new research hints that the more time teen boys spend playing video games, the more likely they are to develop sexist attitudes.



  • Article image How are women driving diversity in gaming?

    Long regarded as fringe participants, women now represent a significant part of the gaming community, making up around half of players in the US and UK. With a whole new generation of girls ready to ‘press start’, how can this stereotypically male-focused industry be more female-friendly?

  • Article image Are technology brands sexist?

    Technology for women has transcended the early years of 'shrinking and pinking' – and just as well, given that women are, in many ways, more prevalent tech consumers than men. But with just 41% actively agreeing that technology caters to their needs, how is tech evolving to appeal to both genders?

  • Just 3% of games at E3 had a female lead Just 3% of games at E3 had a female lead

    From the presence of ‘booth babes’ at gaming conventions to sexualised female characters, the video game industry has a poor reputation for gender equality. And despite women accounting for a large portion of gamers, it's been found that very few titles feature female protagonists.

  • PC gaming isn’t dead PC gaming isn’t dead

    With all the talk of mobile games, home VR and augmented reality, it can often seem to non-gamers that the PC would be forgotten when it comes to gaming. But recent research shows this isn’t the case – people still love to game on a computer. How is PC staying so relevant?