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  • American Gen Zers bring back old gender norms
  • American Gen Zers bring back old gender norms
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American Gen Zers bring back old gender norms

Despite a reputation for gender fluidity, young people today are more likely to believe men should have control over the domestic sphere than teens did 20 years ago. As the public sphere gets more progressive, Gen Zers are reverting to old power dynamics in their home lives.



  • Audi is speaking up for gender equality Audi is speaking up for gender equality

    Audi has launched an ad that puts cars on the back-burner, bringing social issues to the forefront instead. The German automaker is positioning itself as an accessory to achieving gender equality in its #DriveProgress campaign, rather than simply a way to get from A to B.

  • Article image How much housework are men doing?

    The fight for equal pay may be well-publicised, but women are still left to most of the housework behind closed doors. And while advertisers are shifting away from out-dated ideas of macho cleaners and domestic goddesses, how can men be convinced to pull their weight in the home?

  • Article image PANKs: the women nurturing nieces and nephews instead of having kids

    In the US, 47% of women of childbearing age are childless. Reports suggest these women are ‘wealthier, healthier and happier’ than mothers. But while this may be true, another group of non-mums are identifying as PANKs; Professional Aunts, No Kids. So who’s joining the ranks of the PANKs?

  • Article image Why are more women choosing to be childfree?

    Want to be part of an evolved and envied elite that’s highly educated, successful, prosperous and enjoying great sex? Simple – don’t have kids. Birth rates amongst 20-something Americans are at their lowest ever and the ‘childfree by choice’ demographic is wealthier, healthier and happier. But why?