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  • LADBible is rebranding for modern men
  • LADBible is rebranding for modern men
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LADBible is rebranding for modern men

Lads were once derided as a bunch of lager-louts with nothing on their minds except football and boobs. But with ideas of masculinity shifting, the current stereotype of the ‘lad’ is a bit more nuanced. Now, online publication The LADBible is rebranding to transcend its name.



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    For decades, rappers had to seem tough to maintain respect. But Drake, one of today’s most influential pop icons, is the antithesis of macho, connecting with fans through emotional openness and providing younger generations with a figure whose identity is as multifaceted as their own.

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    Long associated with teenaged boys and sexually charged ads, Lynx is undergoing its biggest repositioning in 20 years. It’s aiming to reach a more mature and progressive market by championing modern ideas of masculinity, but will it be enough to overcome the brand’s historically laddish image?

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    Masculinity is in flux, and lad culture with it. But that doesn't mean the lad doesn't still hold a place in the hearts and minds of British blokes. Canvas8 sat down with men between the ages of 20 and 40 to find out what it means to be a modern man and where the lad fits in.