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  • The TV is no longer people's favourite screen
  • The TV is no longer people's favourite screen
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The TV is no longer people's favourite screen

We’ve heard it before – TV is dead. But new research from Accenture shows just how fast it’s happening; overall media consumption continues to rise, though people are now spending less time in front of the living room TV, instead opting for the convenience of smaller, portable ones.



  • Article image Why e-leisure is taking over our free time

    From socialising on Snapchat to getting gourmet dishes delivered to your door to binge-watching the latest Netflix series, digital leisure is having a profound effect on the way Gen Yers spend their downtime. Is staying in really the new going out? And what will prise people from their sofas?

  • Article image How people watch sports in the digital age

    Frustrated by pricey TV packages and limited coverage of their teams, a growing number of sports fans are ditching traditional broadcasters, tuning into illegal streams instead. Can legitimate online options help win back these viewers? Or have the likes of Sky and BT left it too late in the game?

  • Article image How video is taking over media channels

    If you’ve sung along to Carpool Karaoke, or been mesmerised by a 30-second Tasty recipe, then you’ll know just how engaging video content can be. Video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, but how can brands best harness this visual medium to engage people online?

  • Article image How are commuters consuming media?

    With the average UK commute lasting 38 minutes, communications that provide convenience, entertainment or a simple distraction can make the time spent travelling feel shorter. But what do people read, play or buy going from A to B? And how are brands engaging this captive audience?