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  • StockX is a real-time stock market for sneakerheads
  • StockX is a real-time stock market for sneakerheads
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StockX is a real-time stock market for sneakerheads

The sneaker resale market – comprised of thousands of eBay sellers, Instagram accounts and Facebook groups – is worth $1 billion. Hoping to earn a cut of that is StockX – a sneaker stock market that connects buyers with sellers, and helps sneakerheads keep tabs on changing resale prices.



  • Article image House of Vans: the home of a cult skate brand

    Beneath London’s Waterloo Station you’ll find a 3,000 square metre space housing an 850-capacity music venue, gallery, cinema and skatepark. This isn’t an old stomping ground passed down through generations of skaters, but the latest branded experience from US footwear giant Vans.

  • Fans spring for Kanye West’s shoes Fans spring for Kanye West’s shoes

    When Kanye West interrupted Beck’s 2015 Grammy acceptance speech, the Twittersphere exploded in polarised response, with tweets ranging from passionate defences to death threats. Love or loathe him, his influence is undeniable, and his latest fashion offering demonstrates this power yet again.

  • Article image Nike Access Codes: sneakers for the chosen few

    Combating the touts that buy up special edition sneakers to resell at inflated prices, Nike is releasing its Access Codes scheme. But is this new sales approach more than a pathway to a better shopping experience? Is it feeding our need to be part of the insider crowd?

  • Article image Sneakerboy: sneaking up on the luxury scene

    Australia's sneaker culture is thriving, with a new market combining streetwear and luxury. Sneakerboy appeases both a thirst for digital retail experiences and a demand for great footwear.