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  • Russia is trolling the West on Twitter
  • Russia is trolling the West on Twitter
    United Nations Photo (2016) ©

Russia is trolling the West on Twitter

Russian diplomats have no qualms about using official Twitter accounts to troll the West. In a recent tweet, the UK's embassy used the country’s sinister public image as fodder for a light-hearted Star Wars joke, showing a willingness to merge the political sphere with the entertainment world.



  • Politicians are taking up trolling Politicians are taking up trolling

    Sweden’s deputy prime minister is trolling Donald Trump through Twitter to make a point about women’s rights. With young people notoriously politically disengaged, politicians are using comedic techniques to enable serious issues to gain a wider audience.

  • The Chinese government is using troll tactics The Chinese government is using troll tactics

    A common technique used by trolls is to bombard a message board with irrelevant posts to derail the dialogue. And the Chinese government has been using an eerily similar tack – putting out thousands of unrelated messages on social media to distract citizens from unsavoury news stories.

  • Article image Why do emotions trump facts?

    If Faisal Islam, Ralph Keyes and the New York Times are to be believed, the Trump candidacy and the vote for Brexit show we've entered a post-truth era – a world where emotion and populism win out over facts and experts. But is it true? And do emotional appeals really trump facts and figures?

  • Article image Hillary 2016: a political campaign that comes to you

    In the US, there’s a huge gap between the number of eligible voters and those that actually make themselves heard on election day; around 93 million Americans didn’t cast their ballot in 2012. How has Hillary Clinton’s campaign harnessed digital platforms to engage people and get out the vote?