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  • Men's footwear sales are booming in the US
  • Men's footwear sales are booming in the US
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Men's footwear sales are booming in the US

When you think about a wardrobe filled with dozens of pairs of shoes, you might imagine a clued-up fashionista with a passion for high heels. But today’s footwear enthusiast is likely to be a bloke with a preference for sneakers, as men’s shoe sales are set to top women’s.



  • Article image Supreme: selling out to Gen Z hypebeasts

    Streetwear brand Supreme is a bundle of contradictions. It’s affordable yet exclusive; ultra-rare but surprisingly easy to buy; and is both a high fashion collaborator and foundation of subcultural style. How has this niche label kept its cool, even while attracting gaggles of teens to its stores?

  • StockX is a real-time stock market for sneakerheads StockX is a real-time stock market for sneakerheads

    The sneaker resale market – comprised of thousands of eBay sellers, Instagram accounts and Facebook groups – is worth $1 billion. Hoping to earn a cut of that is StockX – a sneaker stock market that connects buyers with sellers, and helps sneakerheads keep tabs on changing resale prices.

  • Article image Why sportswear is going posh

    Amid growing health-consciousness and shifting dress codes at work, activewear is now everywhere. Yet the garments produced by the likes of Nike and Under Armour don’t cut it for many luxury shoppers. What’s the appeal of premium sports apparel for these discerning consumers?

  • Millennials love athleisure wear Millennials love athleisure wear

    Traditional apparel retailers are struggling. Teen brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and American Eagle are downsizing and changing their strategies, while C. Wonder and Wet Seal have shut down locations. The problem? Millennials want more casual clothing.