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  • Azadi Records gives a voice to India's slums
  • Azadi Records gives a voice to India's slums
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Azadi Records gives a voice to India's slums

Despite India’s long history of protest music, you’ll have a hard time finding politically-charged lyrics in modern mainstream tunes. To fix this, New Delhi-based independent music label Azadi Records is giving a platform to rising artists from the slums of the nation.



  • Indians love an underdog story Indians love an underdog story

    Dangal – which translates as ‘Wrestling Bout' – is a film about a young woman from rural India who goes on to win gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Since its release in 2016, it’s become the highest-grossing movie in Bollywood history, highlighting India’s soft spot for an underdog.

  • Article image Balkan Folk: Gen Y's favourite new dance music in Mexico

    The Balkytlan festival is the latest example of young Mexicans mashing up home-grown sounds with Balkan music and style. In the past decade, Mexi-Balkan bands have flourished and a legitimate scene has emerged. But how did the sounds of the Slavic peninsula capture the imagination of Mexican youth?

  • Article image How India‚Äôs street culture is championing change

    India’s Gen Y are champions of change, caring less about a career in the West and more about community issues. They’re using skating, hip hop and graffiti to build positivity in young women, transform urban spaces and drive India’s artistic reputation. How are brands reaching this ‘Heart Generation’?

  • India has a Spotify for Bollywood music India has a Spotify for Bollywood music

    When Taylor Swift withdrew all her music from Spotify, she argued that “music is art, and art is important. Important things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for.” In a country with the second highest consumption of pirated music, can digital streaming service Saavn prosper?