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  • Gender neutral preschools help kids succeed in life
  • Gender neutral preschools help kids succeed in life
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Gender neutral preschools help kids succeed in life

In some kindergartens, Barbies and toy trucks stand apart – but in Sweden, robots wear tutus, and gender pronouns are neutral. Rather than using education to put children in boxes, Sweden is breaking down divides between boys and girls, in the interest of their future interpersonal skills.



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    Getting a university degree was once seen as a useful path to a lucrative career. Yet high tuition fees are deterring many, especially given that employers are increasingly looking beyond academics, instead considering a range of other factors. So is the traditional degree a thing of the past?

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    Driven by the evolving relationship between learning and earning, a desire for a more fulfilling life, and shifts in the job market, an increasing number of mid- to late-careerists are returning to education. How are people acquiring knowledge outside of college? And what are they hoping to achieve?

  • Singapore’s schools are scrapping grades Singapore’s schools are scrapping grades

    Singapore’s students are racing ahead of the rest of the world, but while other nations praise its education system, Singapore is revamping its fiercely competitive education system to focus on emotional intelligence, rather than grooming students for competition.

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    With just 32% of US graduates believing college has prepared them for a career, Gen Zers are exploring all their options. Combining four years of world travel with collaborative study and immersive work experiences, Minerva is redefining what it means to be a student in the 21st century.