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  • Indians are fast to adopt new fintech solutions
  • Indians are fast to adopt new fintech solutions
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Indians are fast to adopt new fintech solutions

What will the future of personal finance look like? Will we go all digital and abandon cash altogether? According to new research, Indian consumers are among the fastest when it comes to adopting digital solutions for managing your personal finances.



  • Article image Better Than Cash Alliance: digital pay for the unbanked

    Millions of people worldwide are still paid in cash, which can be expensive for businesses to manage and insecure for employees. The Better Than Cash Alliance a partnership of governments, companies and charities – aims to change that, encouraging digital payments to boost financial inclusion.

  • Article image Childfree in India: redefining womanhood

    Despite Indian society and families placing great pressure on women to have kids, a growing number are choosing to be childfree. And as many of them have successful careers, discerning tastes and high spending power, brands can no longer afford to ignore this powerful group.

  • India ready to say goodbye to cash India ready to say goodbye to cash

    Cash is king in India, where many people use their debit cards solely to withdraw money from ATMs. But mobile commerce is taking off, with e-commerce giants Amazon and Alibaba driving an increasing openness to e-payments and internet banking by introducing mobile payment systems.

  • Paytm drives Indian mobile payments Paytm drives Indian mobile payments

    Mobile payments often start with a clean slate in developing nations, and it’s no different in India. Paytm is the country’s largest mobile wallet service, with over 25 million users. And with fresh investment from Alibaba, it’s set to drive Indian m-commerce at an even faster rate.