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  • #WorkThatWorks promotes flexible work for Britons
  • #WorkThatWorks promotes flexible work for Britons
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#WorkThatWorks promotes flexible work for Britons

In 2014, the British government passed a law enabling anyone to request a flexible work arrangement. #WorkThatWorks is a campaign aiming to normalise the concept to the 51% of UK workers who are worried the request would be viewed negatively by employers.



  • People who work from home are happier People who work from home are happier

    With technology making remote working an option for many, debate rages over whether having a dispersed workforce is beneficial for employees and businesses. New research from Stanford suggests it can be, leading to happier, more engaged workers who are less likely to quit.

  • American parents have hardly any 'me time' American parents have hardly any 'me time'

    With long hours spent in the office, endless chores waiting at home, and caring for young kids throughout the day, American parents devote almost all of their time to other people and tasks. And it's leaving them with little to no time for themselves, even on the weekend.

  • Article image The Enternship: helping women get back into work

    The PR industry favours the young, but often requires employees to work past retirement age. Knowing that it may be hard to find your place if you’re not part of Gen Y, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is offering a new internship to women over 40. But is age really just a number?

  • Article image What do people want from a job?

    Major corporations used to have their pick of the best minds as they left university. But there's now a talent shortage, and 53% of UK workers say that no amount of money could tempt them to a company with a poor employer brand. So how can businesses build their brand to attract the best applicants?