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  • HBO wants to rewrite history for entertainment
  • HBO wants to rewrite history for entertainment
    Tim Dennell (2017) ©

HBO wants to rewrite history for entertainment

From Game of Thrones to Westworld, HBO is no stranger to high-concept dramas and its series Confederate is no different. The show offers an alternative outcome of the American civil war, but the premise is hitting a nerve, since fiction can misinform viewers' perceptions of reality.



  • Article image S-Town: a podcast for post-election America

    With America now starkly divided, many are struggling to comprehend the views they missed in the run-up to the 2016 election. Podcast S-Town, which has gained over 1.8 million subscribers, is the timely tale of a New York-based journalist seeking to understand an eccentric from Shit Town, Alabama.

  • Article image Hamilton: a musical that diversifies American history

    Two years after debuting on Broadway, Hamilton – a contemporary musical about immigrant-turned-Founding Father Alexander Hamilton – is grossing nearly $2 million a week. How did this hip-hop musical with an ultra-diverse cast become a cultural phenomenon both on-stage and off?

  • Article image Skam: the future of reality television

    Stuck to their smartphones and accustomed to watching what they want, when they want, broadcasters have struggled to adapt to Gen Z’s TV viewing habits. But Skam, a Norwegian teen drama, is demonstrating how ‘real-time’ episodes and social media integration can keep teens hooked on a show.

  • Article image Why do emotions trump facts?

    If Faisal Islam, Ralph Keyes and the New York Times are to be believed, the Trump candidacy and the vote for Brexit show we've entered a post-truth era – a world where emotion and populism win out over facts and experts. But is it true? And do emotional appeals really trump facts and figures?