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  • AI can diagnose depression from Instagram feeds
  • AI can diagnose depression from Instagram feeds
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AI can diagnose depression from Instagram feeds

People may curate their social feeds to reflect their best selves, but what they post may be far more telling than they think. A study using AI to analyse Instagram posts successfully identified users suffering with depression – hinting at potential developments for the future of diagnosis.



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    At some point, most people will have found themselves looking through someone's Instagram feed without commenting or engaging with it. Canvas8 spoke with Ruoxu Wang, Fan Yang and Michel M. Haigh, authors of ‘Let me take a selfie’, to understand how lurking affects our self-esteem.

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    Memes are part of the fabric of internet culture. But at a time when there’s such a disparity between reality and social media perfection, the subversion of the classic meme format reflects a shift in how people express themselves digitally. How do nihilist memes show the silver lining of sadness?

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    The global cost of mental healthcare is set to exceed $6 trillion by 2030, and as dementia, depression and anxiety afflict a greater number of people, it’s unlikely that existing treatment options will be able to meet demand. Can tech, drugs or video games provide a viable alternative?

  • Therapists could track mental health online Therapists could track mental health online

    Declarations on social media can range from shout outs to commentary on pop culture. Some people’s posts, however, can be telling of their mental state. In light of this, UCLA professor Sean Young hopes to one day implement a system which uses social data to monitor signs of mental illness.