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  • British parents are divided over 'sharenting'
  • British parents are divided over 'sharenting'
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British parents are divided over 'sharenting'

For many new mums and dads, sharing snaps of their adorable offspring is one of the highlights of parenthood. But research shows a strong divide between parents who see no issue with 'sharenting', and those who are opposed to it. It's exposing the challenges of parenting in a post-internet era.



  • Parents are phubbing their own children Parents are phubbing their own children

    Phubbing – or phone snubbing – is often imagined as a practice carried out by rude teenagers who would rather communicate via social media. But recent Gen Z complaints over their parents’ device usage highlights how they're re-evaluating technology’s impact on their relationships.

  • Article image Peter and Jane: relieving the pressure of parenthood

    As any parent can confirm, raising a kid is no walk in the park – no matter the curated snaps yummy mummies and dishy dads post on social media. Fictional blog Peter and Jane is challenging the mirage of flawless family life with tragically laughable tales that ring true with real mums and dads.

  • Article image What's got Gen Y mums feeling so anxious?

    Becoming a parent for the first time is a joyous occasion – but it's also highly stressful. With so many conflicting sources of information at their fingertips, it's unsurprising that women often feel anxious about being a good mother. How can brands lend a helping hand at this time?

  • Article image Hello Mamas: a digital space for new mums to meet

    Between dirty nappies, sleepless nights and screaming kids, being a parent is tough. This is a time when having a good support network is key, but 82% of mums find it difficult to make friends. Enter Hello Mamas, a social networking platform that connects mothers in a bid to form friendships.