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  • USA Today's tailored content engages readers for longer
  • USA Today's tailored content engages readers for longer
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USA Today's tailored content engages readers for longer

Online news platforms are fighting to not only grab people’s attention, but keep hold of it for as long as possible. And the key might be personalisation – USA Today has managed to increase the time users spend on its mobile site by adapting to their individual consumption habits.



  • Article image Apple News: the only news app you’ll need

    Smartphone apps have become part of our everyday lives, but as they’re memory hogs and drainers of battery life, people are now looking to consolidate their home screens by deleting underused icons. When it comes to news, however, Apple is giving smartphone and tablet users another option.

  • Facebook set to host ‘instant articles’ Facebook set to host ‘instant articles’

    From updates on the general election to the most recent reality TV drama – many of us find out about news via social media. Someone posts a link and we click out of curiosity. Facebook is capitalising on this behaviour by directly hosting articles. But how is this set to affect publishers?

  • Article image NYT for Apple Watch: get the news at a glance

    You’ve gotten hold of an Apple Watch, but what do you do with it? That’s the question for brands eyeing up the next big tech platform. Do people want to read on it? And if so, how do you tell a story on a screen barely bigger than a 50 pence piece? The New York Times could have the answer.

  • Article image BBC Instafax: the news in 15 seconds

    As the world goes mobile, brands are adapting their offering. With 15-second Instagram videos set to dramatic music, the BBC's fresh approach to news is ideal for small screens.