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  • Rappers are talking about mental health issues
  • Rappers are talking about mental health issues
    Nick Mahar | Wikimedia Commons (2017) ©

Rappers are talking about mental health issues

From punk rock to disco DJs, people have long heralded music’s power to save lives. The rapper Logic, who is part of the mental health awareness campaign 'I’m Listening', has released a song that takes its title from the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.



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    Puberty can be confusing, and information is often lacking – 30% of young people say that they didn’t learn enough about how their body changes during adolescence. Covering everything from beards to bullying to what's happening ‘down there’, Guy Stuff is a book that's providing support for boys.

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    For decades, rappers had to seem tough to maintain respect. But Drake, one of today’s most influential pop icons, is the antithesis of macho, connecting with fans through emotional openness and providing younger generations with a figure whose identity is as multifaceted as their own.

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    The global cost of mental healthcare is set to exceed $6 trillion by 2030, and as dementia, depression and anxiety afflict a greater number of people, it’s unlikely that existing treatment options will be able to meet demand. Can tech, drugs or video games provide a viable alternative?

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