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  • Gucci collaborates with bootleg tailor Dapper Dan
  • Gucci collaborates with bootleg tailor Dapper Dan
    Gucci | Instagram (2017) ©

Gucci collaborates with bootleg tailor Dapper Dan

Thanks to their rarity and uniqueness, prized bootlegs can often cost more than the real thing. Gucci is no stranger to the bootleg’s appeal, which is why as part of its 2018 campaign, it teamed up with Dapper Dan – Harlem’s bootleg tailor to hip-hop royalty – who was once a luxury outsider.



  • Article image Gucci #TFW: high fashion memes

    Memes are a staple of internet culture – but what happens when brands try to get in on the action? As part of its #TFW campaign, Gucci collaborated with artists to create branded memes, but was this co-opting of digital youth culture an inspired decision, or just cringeworthy?

  • Article image Vetememes: official knock-offs for luxury lovers

    French label Vetements has turned heads in the fashion industry ever since it rose to fame for selling a $330 replica of a DHL driver’s uniform t-shirt. Now, it’s endorsed internet-era copycat Vetememes, in a move that proves it understands a younger, more internet-savvy luxury consumer.

  • Article image The Dandy Lion Project: redefining black masculinity

    The Dandy Lion Project is a photographic exhibition depicting young black men in flamboyant styles of dress. Amid reductive media representation and heightened racial tensions in the US, it aims to show that being a well dressed black man can be political, oppositional and therapeutic.

  • Article image Hublot x Sang Bleu: watches with counter-culture cachet

    Once staunchly anti-social, with working-class roots, tattoos are experiencing a renaissance. A new collaboration between Swiss watchmaker Hublot and tattooist Maxime Buchi is the latest in counter-culture luxe, demonstrating that distinctions between high and low culture have all but disappeared.