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  • British women choose to celebrate with Prosecco
  • British women choose to celebrate with Prosecco
    Jeremy Wong (2017) ©

British women choose to celebrate with Prosecco

Despite people's shift towards moderation, Britons still like to booze – especially on special occasions...or even just the end of the working week. And British women are celebrating with prosecco; the sparkling wine has become the drink of choice, thanks to its combination of elegance and affordability.



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    How do you choose what to drink? Beer with dinner? Wine in the pub? G&T at home? Canvas8 sat down with 20 British men and women to find out how they decide what to drink at home versus when they’re out, and what they drink in both those instances.

  • Men swap pints for #brosé Men swap pints for #brosé

    Going to the pub to get a few beers with the boys? Or perhaps a round of rosé? Men are seemingly ditching pints in favour of drinking pink. And with the hashtag #brosé boasting roughly 5,000 posts on Instagram, the drink is helping to break gender stereotypes one glass at a time.

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    With health and fitness trends on the rise, you'd be forgiven for thinking that boozing is set for a terminal decline. Yet that’s not the case; the majority of Americans knock back four drinks a week. So what's the future of alcohol consumption? And are we all going to become teetotal?

  • Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits

    Is there anything better than an ice-cold pint of lager on a scorching day? Apparently there is, since Gen Yers are increasingly moving away from beer in favour of wine and spirits. But what’s driving this move? And is traditional pale lager doomed to stay in the barrel?