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  • Big banks aim to rebuild trust with cryptocurrencies
  • Big banks aim to rebuild trust with cryptocurrencies
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Big banks aim to rebuild trust with cryptocurrencies

For many major banks, cryptocurrencies used to represent a financial experiment in its infancy. Now, they've become too lucrative to ignore. With trust in traditional institutions low, some banks are hoping that digital innovations will rebuild confidence and increase efficiency.



  • Article image How blockchain builds trust beyond finance

    Blockchain, the digital scaffolding behind cryptocurrency bitcoin, has hit critical mass and is being taken seriously by major conglomerates and governments alike. Canvas8 spoke to technology strategist Paul Armstrong to understand how it might make an impact beyond the financial world.

  • Article image Userfeeds: fighting fake news by ranking reputation

    The rise of ‘fake news’ has been facilitated by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, through which 62% of Americans keep up-to-date with current affairs. To combat misinformation, Userfeeds has created a system built on blockchain tech that promotes content based on reputation.

  • Article image Is blockchain the future of business?

    Blockchain is being touted as the next great technological disruptor, with financial firms investing heavily and cyber-libertarians hoping it’ll enable decentralised transactions and P2P commerce. But can it break into everyday usage, or will it become just another buzzword from the world of tech?

  • Article image Bitnation: a virtual challenger to nation states

    Rumbles of dissent against corrupt and disappointing governments are being heard worldwide. Through blockchain tech, Bitnation is creating a system of banking and governance that runs without any central authority. Can it offer a real alternative to the traditional nation state?