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  • Loftium swaps house deposits for Airbnb stays
  • Loftium swaps house deposits for Airbnb stays
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Loftium swaps house deposits for Airbnb stays

It’s no secret that Gen Y are struggling to afford a house, but US startup Loftium is offering a new kind of mortgage that hopes to solve Gen Y’s ownership woes. Instead of shelling out for the down payment, prospective buyers rent one of their rooms on Airbnb for at least 12 months.



  • Americans believe the 'forever home' is outdated Americans believe the 'forever home' is outdated

    Traditional life milestones include falling in love, buying a house, raising a family, and living in that home happily ever after. But research suggests that over half of home-buyers believe that the idea of the ‘forever home’ is outdated, and expect to move several times during their lifetime.

  • Article image How house-hunting has gone digital

    Three-quarters of young Britons would like to buy their own property within the next five years, but the cut-throat nature of the market and the complexity of getting a mortgage may hinder their plans. How might the increasing digitisation of the real estate sector make home-buying less daunting?

  • Article image Opendoor: selling your house in a few clicks

    Buying and selling a house are ranked among the most stressful things one can do in life. Opendoor, a Silicon Valley start-up, aims to change all that, promising to put your house on the market with just a few clicks. But will Americans really trust a pricing algorithm over an estate agent?

  • Article image Pocket: city homes for city workers

    A lack of affordable housing means that home-ownership is a pipe dream for many young adults. In the UK, Pocket is helping first-time buyers get a foothold in this hostile market, catering to the teachers, health workers and creatives that make a city. But do people really want to live in tiny homes?