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  • Toys R Us lures shoppers back in-store with AR app
  • Toys R Us lures shoppers back in-store with AR app
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Toys R Us lures shoppers back in-store with AR app

Due to the convenience of buying toys online, brick-and-mortar kids stores have been struggling. In a bid to lure people back to the shop floor, Toys R Us is unveiling Play Chaser: an AR app specifically designed to bring the toys on it's shelf to life through games and experiences.



  • Article image What can the high street shoplift from e-commerce?

    The consistency and efficiency of e-commerce – with one-click ordering and same-day delivery – is driving greater expectations of traditional retailers. How are brick-and-mortar stores adopting features of online shopping, and what digital services do people want to see on the high street?

  • Sephora is getting an in-store tech makeover Sephora is getting an in-store tech makeover

    With the average women buying the wrong foundation seven times before finding her perfect shade, shopping for makeup isn’t easy. Now, Sephora is launching its Beauty TIP Workshop – a concept store blending digital technology with expertise to offer a flawless beauty buying experience.

  • Article image Coop Italia: the supermarket of the future

    Over the past decade, a growing number of people have traded trolleys for home delivery. But while the online retail experience continues to evolve, less is happening in-store. Coop Italia is hoping to change this with a flagship store that it’s touting as ‘the supermarket of the future’.

  • Article image The Physical Cookie: sweetening the shopping mall experience

    We're all familiar with cookies – files that track us online, showering us with personalised ads. Brands love them and now shopping centres want to adopt them in an attempt to stay relevant in the age of e-commerce. But can the Physical Cookie really sweeten our offline shopping experience?