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  • McCafe celebrates cheap and unpretentious coffee
  • McCafe celebrates cheap and unpretentious coffee
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McCafe celebrates cheap and unpretentious coffee

A fast food chain may not be a coffee snob’s first choice for a smooth latté. But at a time when the high street is saturated with trendy artisanal cafés serving pretentious, expensive drinks, the McCafe is banking on people's want for simplicity when in need of a caffeine boost.



  • Article image What’s got Russians sipping on craft coffee?

    Russia has finally acquired a taste for specialty coffee, fuelling the creation of café chains that have spread internationally and boutique bean roasters that use the dark web for advertising. But what’s leading people to opt for an artisan brew over their regular cup of joe from Starbucks?

  • Article image Locol: democratising artisanal food and drink

    In New York, it’s possible to spend $18 on a single cup of coffee, yet while it may be higher quality than a regular old americano, not everyone can justify such an indulgence. Enter Locol, a 'revolutionary fast food chain' that’s on a mission to make artisanal food and drink affordable.

  • Article image 365 by Whole Foods: democratising a healthy diet

    Popularised by picture-perfect Instagrammers, the clean eating aesthetic isn't accessible to many – and neither are the stores that stock organic goods. But while Whole Foods has gained a reputation as the grocery chain for wealthy health freaks, its latest venture intends to change that.

  • French people enjoy a posh coffee French people enjoy a posh coffee

    A few years ago, French people would have been baffled by the concept of an artisanal coffee shop that serves high-end coffee and almost no food. But there's a growing coffee culture in Paris, inspired by international tastes but infused with a French flavour to get people sipping.