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  • Rural America lacks mental health services
  • Rural America lacks mental health services
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Rural America lacks mental health services

Mental illness may not discriminate from a physiological perspective, but in America, where you live can have a big effect. A US study shows suicide rates in rural areas to be much higher than those in urban ones, highlighting people’s growing need for better mental health provision.



  • Rural towns in America are going under Rural towns in America are going under

    America’s rural areas are seeing more deaths than births, along with widespread socioeconomic decline. Despite the hardships of city life, few young people are choosing to live outside of city centres, suburbs, and exurbs – and small town America is at risk of being snuffed out.

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    Owning a home is still part of the American dream for Gen Y, but many are being priced out of cities, leading them to seek a place in the exurbs instead. As they trade hectic urban life for a quieter existence between suburbia and rural regions, what can we learn about this generation of home buyers?

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    It’s widely assumed that pragmatic elements, like a strong job or housing market, attract people to cities – but new studies show that vibrant cultural offerings, from galleries to club nights, are the real draw. How are lesser-known cities using creative clout to attract and retain residents?

  • Article image What’s the future of mental health?

    The global cost of mental healthcare is set to exceed $6 trillion by 2030, and as dementia, depression and anxiety afflict a greater number of people, it’s unlikely that existing treatment options will be able to meet demand. Can tech, drugs or video games provide a viable alternative?