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  • Denim sales grow as people embrace nostalgia
  • Denim sales grow as people embrace nostalgia
    Andrew Neel (2017) ©

Denim sales grow as people embrace nostalgia

As athleisure engulfs the fashion world in its stride, denim has somewhat been on the seat of its pants. But in 2017 denim is making a comeback, with the market experiencing its largest growth in three years, with young shoppers' love for nostalgia fuelling denim's growth.



  • Article image Levi’s Virtual Stylist: finding the perfect fit with a bot

    Online sales account for just 17% of spending on denim in the US – no surprise given that finding the perfect fitting jeans can require multiple store visits. Levi’s aims to change that with its Virtual Stylist, a chatbot that learns a user’s ideal style and fit before making recommendations.

  • Article image Has denim had its day?

    Denim comes in all shapes and sizes; from skinny to slim fit to bootcut. We wear it while gardening, to work or to an evening soirée. But in 2014, denim sales in the US dropped by 8%, as activewear grew by the same amount. How can denim brands stay relevant in the age of the yoga pant?

  • Athleisure is here to stay Athleisure is here to stay

    Now that athleisure is a bona fide style movement, you can fashionably leave your house in yoga pants. Whether we like it or not, this trend is here to stay, as Americans have gotten too comfortable in their socially acceptable sweats to give them up anytime soon.

  • Millennials love athleisure wear Millennials love athleisure wear

    Traditional apparel retailers are struggling. Teen brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and American Eagle are downsizing and changing their strategies, while C. Wonder and Wet Seal have shut down locations. The problem? Millennials want more casual clothing.