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  • Kellogg's cuts sugar in kids cereals to tackle obesity
  • Kellogg's cuts sugar in kids cereals to tackle obesity
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Kellogg's cuts sugar in kids cereals to tackle obesity

Kellogg’s is cutting the amount of sugar in some of its children’s cereals – and stopping marketing other cereals altogether – after coming under pressure from health officials. With a third of UK children now classed as obese, brands are actively looking to produce healthier alternatives.



  • Article image How are snack brands going healthy?

    With obesity at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, they are looking for healthier snacking options. In response, snack and beverage brands are implementing new strategies, including reducing portion sizes, ‘premiumising’ their products and using clearer labelling.  

  • Article image McVitie’s Thins: slimming down a snacking staple

    With political and public pressure mounting on the food industry to address concerns over obesity and sugar consumption, snack brand McVitie’s has introduced Digestives Thins – a slimmed-down version of its classic chocolate biscuit, created with today’s health-conscious consumer in mind.

  • People don't know much about sugar types People don't know much about sugar types

    With the impending sugar tax and increasing health concerns, it's not surprising that a third of people say they're actively reducing the amount of sugar in their diet. But consumers aren’t that clued up when it comes to the sweet stuff – most don’t understand the difference between sugar types.

  • Article image Coca-Cola Zero Sugar: a post-sugar tax rebrand

    With sugar the new demon ingredient, and a public increasingly scrutinising what they’re putting into their bodies, major food and drink brands are scrambling to cater to the health-conscious consumer. Can Coca-Cola Zero Sugar prove that there’s still a space for fizzy drinks in the diet?