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  • Apple says sorry with cheap battery replacements
  • Apple says sorry with cheap battery replacements
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Apple says sorry with cheap battery replacements

Many long suspected that Apple's iPhone battery degraded over time to encourage upgrades, and this much turned out to be true with older models. Having admitted this ploy, Apple is offering cheaper battery replacements to apologise, in what serves as a cautionary tale about consumer transparency.



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    Have you ever cracked your phone screen or had your power button stop working? Your first thought after such an event might be to buy a new device or send it off for repairs, but iFixit advocates another approach, offering all the parts and know-how needed to tackle the breakage yourself.

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    Societal backlash can feel justified when those in authority are failing and people are losing faith. Yet true sincerity can restore lost trust, inspire forgiveness and rebuild bridges. How can brands harness new narratives of compassion and forgiveness against a culture of shame and retribution?

  • Article image Why people secretly break their own stuff

    One guy microwaves his phone instead of a burrito. Another accidentally drops it in a drink. So goes one of Virgin Mobile's 'Happy Accidents' adverts, which have been watched by millions since they first aired in 2013. It's no joke though. People really are secretly breaking their stuff. But why?

  • The science behind the perfect apology The science behind the perfect apology

    Leaked emails, investigative reports, employees on social media – in an emerging culture of transparency, organisations are finding mistakes ever harder to hide. What does science tell us about when an apology is appropriate and how they're best handled by organisations?