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  • Anti-smoking ad goes global with universal truths
  • Anti-smoking ad goes global with universal truths
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Anti-smoking ad goes global with universal truths

Quitting smoking can be a lonely process; it’s why support groups for kicking the habit exist. Ireland’s QUIT initiative launched an ad that tapped into this feeling, and it was so successful, it’s been picked up in the US – demonstrating the universal nature of the language and emotions around health.



  • Article image Quit Genius: ditching cigarettes with digital CBT

    Changing social attitudes and a growing awareness of the negative health effects mean that smoking isn't cool anymore. Yet while 68% of smokers want to give up, just 3% manage to quit for good. Quit Genius is helping people break the habit by combining nicotine replacements with CBT via an app.

  • Article image Vapers: a community built around quitting smoking

    Vaping has coming a long way since the e-cigarette was invented in 2003; the global market for related products was worth $6 billion in 2015 and is set to reach $50 billion by 2025. But who are the people driving this growth and how have they built a community around an anti-smoking aid?

  • Even smokers don’t think smoking is cool Even smokers don’t think smoking is cool

    The image of smoking has moved from something that was once glamourous to sad images of office workers huddled outside in the cold. As people become increasingly aware of their health, and the government makes efforts to stop the idolisation of smoking, less people are lighting up.

  • Article image The psychology of quitting

    From nicotine gum to e-cigarettes, the global smoking cessation-aid market was worth around $2.4 billion in 2011, and as healthcare costs soar and more people seek to give up, its value is set to grow. But when it comes to kicking the habit, what will get people to quit – the carrot or the stick?