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  • Britons have lax attitudes to cybersecurity
  • Britons have lax attitudes to cybersecurity
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Britons have lax attitudes to cybersecurity

Research conducted by Norton has found that hackers stole £4.6 billion from Britons in 2017, with more than 17 million people affected across the country. But even in the wake of widespread attacks, victims are expressing overconfidence and indifference to cybersecurity threats.



  • Article image Advanced Protection: ultra-secure Google accounts

    State-sponsored hacks and major corporate breaches have pushed online security into the spotlight. In response, Google has unveiled Advanced Protection, enabling high-risk users to safeguard their accounts against targeted attacks. But can it get the average person to take cyber-security seriously?

  • Article image Reply All: promoting online security with a podcast

    In the 97th episode of podcast Reply All, producer Phia Bennin sought to find out what kind of person gets phished, setting a hacker on her tech-savvy coworkers to see which of them would fall a scam. While it highlighted the risks everyone faces online, do people care enough to act on cyber security?

  • Article image How do you solve a problem with nudges?

    How can lollipops, ‘wizards’ and dog shows help bring communities together and fight criminal or disruptive behaviour? Canvas8 spoke with Stevyn Colgan, author of Why Did the Policeman Cross the Road? and Nudgestock speaker, to find out how you can nudge people to solve a problem.

  • People are sick of online security People are sick of online security

    If you've ever resorted to using ‘password’ as a password online, you're not alone – it's one of the most commonly used. A new study says the general public are suffering from ‘security fatigue’  a weariness that results from the sheer number of passwords we have to make up and remember.