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  • Yoti makes online security seamless for apathetic Brits
  • Yoti makes online security seamless for apathetic Brits
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Yoti makes online security seamless for apathetic Brits

When it comes to online security, Britons aren’t playing it safe; identity theft is at a record high, while 23% of people use their name or date of birth as a password. Offering a seamless solution to online protection, Yoti is a digital identity app that only requires a selfie for verification.



  • Britons have lax attitudes to cybersecurity Britons have lax attitudes to cybersecurity

    Research conducted by Norton has found that hackers stole £4.6 billion from Britons in 2017, with more than 17 million people affected across the country. But even in the wake of widespread attacks, victims are expressing overconfidence and indifference to cybersecurity threats.

  • Article image Advanced Protection: ultra-secure Google accounts

    State-sponsored hacks and major corporate breaches have pushed online security into the spotlight. In response, Google has unveiled Advanced Protection, enabling high-risk users to safeguard their accounts against targeted attacks. But can it get the average person to take cyber-security seriously?

  • Article image Why are apps starting to look the same?

    The clamour of modern urban life – in both the physical and digital worlds – can sometimes be overwhelming. In the first of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at how complexion reduction is seeing apps redesigned with bold headers, simple icons and reduced colour for a unified mobile experience.

  • Article image Windows 10: a slow and steady software revolution

    There’s a quiet revolution happening in the desktop OS market. It won’t be splashed across the pages of tech publications or spreads in glossy magazines, but the uptake of Windows 10 is as significant as any glitzy wearable tech device. So what’s got everyone upgrading to Windows 10?