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  • Nike captures the grit of London's sporting youth
  • Nike captures the grit of London's sporting youth
    Nike (2018) ©

Nike captures the grit of London's sporting youth

Nike is hoping to encourage more young Londoners to get active with its humorous take on what it's like to play sport in the capital city. The spot, which is being hailed for its depiction of Gen Z lives, shows people will favour a brand if it represents its audience authentically.



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    Getting active isn’t always easy. How long should you exercise for and where? When do you know you’ve really pushed yourself? Signing on youths and yuppies alike, London-based Run Dem Crew wants to prove that running is for everyone – as long as they’re willing to ‘run hard, fast, and strong’.

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    The 2012 London Olympics may have brought glitz and glamour to sport in the UK, fuelling mass public support for athletes, but their impact on participation among everyday Britons has been limited. Can Virgin Sport inspire people to get active with social events that feel like music festivals?