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  • Older generations are driving teens off Facebook
  • Older generations are driving teens off Facebook
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Older generations are driving teens off Facebook

Facebook might have been created in a college dorm, but it’s no longer resonating with young people. As older generations get a better handle of social media, teens are moving towards ephemeral media types, away from older eyes, whom they believe are infiltrating their private lives.



  • Article image Islands: all-in-one messaging for college students

    Slack has firmly established itself within the working world, forming the comms backbone for employees at major media outlets and start-ups alike. The Islands app aims to bring a similar service to college students, helping them to collaborate, find support and socialize with their peers.

  • Article image How youth subcultures form in the digital age

    Youth subcultures still exist, but they’re far removed from the mods, rockers, punks and hippies of generations past. How have blogs and social media impacted the way Gens Y and Z form tribes? And how do they define their identities beyond the clothes they wear and music they listen to?

  • Article image Max & Harvey: teen idols for a new generation

    Unless you have a tween-aged daughter, it’s unlikely you’ll have heard of British twins Max & Harvey. But with over three million fans on social video app Musical.ly, they’re preparing to tackle the charts, tour the world, and reap the financial rewards of fame – all before leaving school.

  • Article image Girls’ Night In: an online secret sorority

    Girls’ Night in is a members-only Facebook group for LA’s hottest and coolest women, who whisper and giggle between themselves. And while its ranks are small by internet metrics, these women are highly engaged. So what’s got them sharing their deepest secrets with 1,500 friends they’ve never met?