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  • Harry’s shaving ad encourages men to speak up
  • Harry’s shaving ad encourages men to speak up
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Harry’s shaving ad encourages men to speak up

Research by Harry’s and UCL found that men value their mental health more than their physical health, yet conversation around masculinity still perpetuates outdated stereotypes. In a bid to shed light on what it truly means to be a man, Harry's is speaking up for modern day masculinity.



  • Article image How beauty brands can become male-friendly

    The traditionally female-focused make-up market is steadily opening up to a new demographic – but what are the driving forces behind the male beauty movement? Canvas8 spoke to David Yi, the founder of Very Good Light, to understand how brands can tap into men’s growing interest in cosmetics.

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    Puberty can be confusing, and information is often lacking – 30% of young people say that they didn’t learn enough about how their body changes during adolescence. Covering everything from beards to bullying to what's happening ‘down there’, Guy Stuff is a book that's providing support for boys.

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    Male pattern baldness can be a source of anguish for those that it affects, impacting their confidence and self-perception. Quiff & Co offers a non-surgical solution in the form of bespoke wigs made from human hair, aiming to reach a younger demographic than the traditional toupee wearer.

  • Article image Harry’s: hipster razors to challenge Gillette

    For many men, shaving is one of life's necessities, with 75% of American men shaving daily. But a marketing war between Gillette and Schick has created a razor market that's expensive and over-engineered. Selling cheaper, back-to-basics razors, can Harry's offer an alternative?