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  • Aussie men defy gendered housework stereotypes
  • Aussie men defy gendered housework stereotypes
    Juliane Liebermann (2018) ©

Aussie men defy gendered housework stereotypes

The stereotypical Australian man sees himself portrayed as the breadwinner who doesn't lift a finger at home – think cult 'dumb dad' character Norm Sims. But with Aussie men spending more time doing housework than most developed economies, gendered attitudes are changing.



  • Australian kids aspire to gender-stereotypical jobs Australian kids aspire to gender-stereotypical jobs

    Despite the persisting gender gap, research suggests children in Australia are still aspiring to traditionally gender-stereotypical jobs. With the future of the labour market set to undergo major change Down Under, initiatives are helping support kids in realistically planning their future.

  • Article image How much housework are men doing?

    The fight for equal pay may be well-publicised, but women are still left to most of the housework behind closed doors. And while advertisers are shifting away from out-dated ideas of macho cleaners and domestic goddesses, how can men be convinced to pull their weight in the home?

  • Article image What does being a man mean Down Under?

    From Crocodile Dundee to Russell Crowe, there are plenty of archetypal images of Australian masculinity. But with men facing growing social pressure to look good and be emotionally available while continuing to fulfil traditional ideals, how are Aussie men handling the pressure?

  • Article image Cillit Bang – The Mechanic: cleaning made man-friendly

    Cillit Bang’s long-time spokesman Barry Scott has been swept away as the brand seeks to make household chores more appealing to the modern man. But can a Flashdance-inspired ad with Hollywood production values really get blokes more excited about scrubbing their bathrooms and kitchens?