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  • Eat Your Feed creates personalised meal inspo
  • Eat Your Feed creates personalised meal inspo
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Eat Your Feed creates personalised meal inspo

Food brand Knorr is launching a new AI tool that analyses people’s Instagram feeds and turns posts into meal ideas. The technology will give people easy access to personalised recipes, allowing them to match their eating habits to their lifestyle preferences.



  • Britons rank convenience over health in food choices Britons rank convenience over health in food choices

    Half of all food bought by families in the UK is 'ultra-processed', with people favouring cheaper and more convenient options over ones with higher nutritional value. This is fuelling an obesity epidemic that health bosses and food manufacturers alike are struggling to get to grips with.

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    Carb-conscious foodies are turning to ‘courgetti’ and ‘boodles’ for healthy alternatives to their favourite starchy meals. Now, Cauli Rice is offering long-life, microwaveable cauliflower rice, so you can get your clean eating fix without slaving away in the kitchen for hours to prepare your veg.

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    The sandwich is the one of Britain’s most iconic culinary inventions, and a lunchtime staple for many. But what drives people to opt for a sarnie, salad or soup during the work day? Canvas8 sat down with 20 men and women from across the UK to find out how they decide what to munch for lunch.

  • Article image Love At First Taste: Knorr flirts with flavour

    Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste campaign sees it pair up Gen Yers based on flavour preferences. The result is as awkward as it is intimate, and an accompanying Flavour Profiler tool means you can find your perfect match too. But can a stock cube brand appeal to a group used to swiping right for romance?