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  • Stigma around mental health keeps sufferers silent
  • Stigma around mental health keeps sufferers silent
    Aricka Lewis (2017) ©

Stigma around mental health keeps sufferers silent

Despite experts advocating for physical and mental health to gain equal importance, a stigma persists – and it’s preventing people from seeking professional help. Many are turning to online resources instead, with an abundance of related apps making it easier to find the right support.



  • Article image Celpax: a measuring tool for happier workplaces

    Companies closely monitor sales, revenue, and expenditure, but reviews of their employees – the lifeblood of organisations – are often haphazard. Celpax aims to right this through daily check-ins. But is happiness the productivity-boosting elixir it’s been billed as, or a relatively useless metric?

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    Do people want meaning more than money? Can micro-credentialing change how companies hire new talent? And what is the cost of widespread burnout? In this part of the 2018 Expert Outlook series, we speak to three careers experts about how our relationship to work is changing. 

  • Article image How can brands help to banish the Monday blues?

    ‘Monday blues’ may be attributed to a series of factors, but most boil down to anxieties about returning to work. As this phenomenon gains traction in social science, how are brands turning the concept on its head to energise and empower people on the first day of the working week?

  • AI can diagnose depression from Instagram feeds AI can diagnose depression from Instagram feeds

    People may curate their social feeds to reflect their best selves, but what they post may be far more telling than they think. A study using AI to analyse Instagram posts successfully identified users suffering with depression – hinting at potential developments for the future of diagnosis.