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  • Artsy boosts art-buyers' confidence with AR app
  • Artsy boosts art-buyers' confidence with AR app
    Kārlis Dambrāns 2017 ©

Artsy boosts art-buyers' confidence with AR app

Although online art sales are on the rise, potential buyers may struggle to judge the fit or suitability of a piece remotely. Artsy’s AR app counteracts this problem by allowing people to virtually experience what a painting would look like in their homes, giving them the confidence to make a purchase.



  • Article image IKEA Place: virtually try furniture before you buy

    Almost 40% of Britons buy the wrong size Christmas tree every year, not to mention clothes, shoes and furniture. The IKEA Place AR app allows people to place furniture into their homes at the touch of a button. But can AR offer a practical solution to the risky business of furniture shopping?

  • Article image Vuforia Chalk: applying AR for practical purposes

    Augmented reality entered mainstream consciousness through mobile gaming and marketing gimmicks, but we're now seeing more practical uses such as videoconferencing app Vuforia Chalk. Is there an appetite for serious AR tools or do people think the tech is just good for fun?

  • Artsy makes buying art online easy Artsy makes buying art online easy

    Artsy brings together art from over 1,800 galleries and 25 auction houses and lists them on a single site. As shoppers grow increasingly comfortable with researching and buying big ticket items online, Artsy is capitalising, making the art world accessible to anyone with an internet connection. 

  • Article image Tylko: customise your perfect furniture with AR

    Buying furniture can be stressful as you never really know how it’ll look until it’s in your house. Warsaw-based Tylko wants to change that, letting shoppers customise style and dimensions before visualising a piece of furniture at home using AR. Can this approach get armchairs rocking?