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  • Snackability drives celery sales Down Under
  • Snackability drives celery sales Down Under
    Jasmin Schreiber (2018) ©

Snackability drives celery sales Down Under

While 2016 saw sales of sweet potato soar Down Under thanks to low prices and its superfood status, 2018 may be the year celery has a moment in the spotlight. The versatility of the veg and the fact that it can be eaten on-the-go means that more shoppers are adding it to their baskets.



  • Article image Playing With Fire: indigenous ingredients for Aussie chefs

    Food is an intrinsic part of culture Down Under, and both domestic and international chefs are now embracing Australia’s indigenous ingredients. Helping them obtain hard-to-source produce is Playing With Fire, an online grocer that sells and delivers a range of native fruits, nuts and spices.

  • Sweet potatoes are keeping Australia healthy Sweet potatoes are keeping Australia healthy

    Sweet potatoes have been dubbed by some as the ultimate superfood, packed with nutrients and immunity-boosting benefits. This humble vegetable has now emerged as one of the fastest growing fresh produce categories in Australia, with almost 70% of households buying it.

  • Article image The Giving Tree: munching on dehydrated broccoli

    While 91% of Americans snack every day, a growing number are turning away from the biscuit tin in search of healthier treats. The Giving Tree hopes to satisfy this craving with freeze-dried bags of vegetable and fruit crisps. But just how enjoyable is munching on dehydrated broccoli florets?

  • Article image How do social Aussies like to eat?

    Australia is a nation without any iconic national fare. Instead, it’s developed an eclectic flavour profile that references the waves of immigration to its shores. In the first of a two-part series we look at Australia’s multi-cultural dinner table and how Aussies like to enjoy their mealtimes.