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  • Consumer Reports enables trust in P2P mobile payments
  • Consumer Reports enables trust in P2P mobile payments
    Matheus Ferrero (2018) ©

Consumer Reports enables trust in P2P mobile payments

People use mobile peer-to-peer payments for everything from dinner dates to rent, but it can be hard to discern which services are actually trustworthy. Consumer Reports' 2018 P2P payment ratings rank the services according privacy and security – a first for the product testing entity.



  • Article image Do Britons bother to read online Ts & Cs?

    Although GDPR is giving web users more control over their personal data, few seem to pay attention to what they sign up for online; 44% of Britons rarely or never read the Ts & Cs of digital services. Canvas8 spoke to 20 people from across the UK to learn why the small print is so often ignored.

  • Article image Why people are fearful of emerging tech

    People are nervous about emerging technologies, yet 63% of people don’t realise they already using AI every day. Canvas8 spoke with Alex Salkever, co-author of The Driver in the Driverless Car and VP of communications at Mozilla, to understand how we can rethink AI's presence in our lives.

  • ‘Hackable’ smartwatches raise parents' privacy fears ‘Hackable’ smartwatches raise parents' privacy fears

    Many parents are turning to smartwatches to monitor their child’s location and health, but a report from the Norwegian Consumer Council has found that the data from these devices are not protected  a big concern for the 87% of British parents who want to keep their child’s life private.

  • Article image I’m scared! The science of fear

    What scares you? Horror movies? Conspiracy theories? A former reality star running America? Fear is a long-used marketing tool, and research suggests it can enhance the emotional connection people feel with brands. Canvas8 spoke to Lea Dunn of the Foster School of Business to find out how.