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  • IBM Watson ad highlights AI's practical uses
  • IBM Watson ad highlights AI's practical uses
    IBM Watson (2018) ©

IBM Watson ad highlights AI's practical uses

From self-aware robots to space exploration, people have been fixated on how AI can be applied to change the course of humanity. Bringing it back to earth is IBM's latest spot, which highlights how useful its AI can be in the present, while encouraging people to look into the not-too-distant future.



  • Article image Why are people so obsessed with dystopias?

    Dystopian narratives in pop culture have long been used to reflect real-world fears held by both niche groups and the entire global population. So, how are books, films, and TV series highlighting contemporary concerns? And how might a general sense of pessimism impact people’s behaviours?

  • Article image Kuri: a charming robot made for mainstream acceptance

    Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri is a friendly robot that can patrol one’s abode, play music, and capture priceless moments without taking families out of them. But can this adorable automaton win over the hearts of a population that is still apprehensive about the idea of smart machines in their homes?

  • Article image Why people are fearful of emerging tech

    People are nervous about emerging technologies, yet 63% of people don’t realise they already using AI every day. Canvas8 spoke with Alex Salkever, co-author of The Driver in the Driverless Car and VP of communications at Mozilla, to understand how we can rethink AI's presence in our lives.

  • Article image Google Home Mini: AI that blends into the background

    Voice-activated assistants like Siri sit silently on smartphones until they’re needed – so it’s no surprise that 63% of people don’t realise they’re already using AI. With the launch of the Home Mini, Google is trying to make the technology similarly inconspicuous within a domestic setting.