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  • People struggle to connect with AI art's lack of emotion
  • People struggle to connect with AI art's lack of emotion
    Bianca Isofache (2017) ©

People struggle to connect with AI art's lack of emotion

Cloudpainter is an AI-powered robot that painted the winner of the 2018 Robot Art Award. Yet while critics find the robot's work technically proficient, they argue it doesn't have the 'emotional' element that allows people to connect with art on a deeper level.



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    In the wake of high-profile data breaches and leaks, concern about our data is at an all-time high. digi.me is a company that wants to centralise user data to their device, with explicit permissions being accepted or rejected for any service that asks to gain access to it.

  • Article image Urban Nation: repainting perceptions of street art

    Berlin is fast becoming a mecca for street art, with spray-painted works adorning surfaces throughout the city. So, it’s fitting that the German capital is home to the world’s first museum dedicated to the art form – Urban Nation. How can it change attitudes to this method of creative expression?

  • Article image Why relationships trump tech in online art sales

    Over half of Gen Yers say they’d buy art on the web, but most transactions happen in face-to-face contexts, while 49% of online art buyers still prefer visiting physical spaces. So, what in-roads is digital making into the market, and is it the great democratising force it's often made out to be?

  • Article image Sunspring: a sci-fi film written by an algorithm

    Silicon Valley experts predict that 75% of human work will be done by robots by the end of the century, while it's thought that automation has removed 800,000 UK jobs since 2001. Now, with the release of Sunspring – a short film created by an algorithm – are creative pursuits at risk from AI too?