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  • IKEA ad reflects diverse US family celebrations
  • IKEA ad reflects diverse US family celebrations
    IKEA US (2018) ©

IKEA ad reflects diverse US family celebrations

The concept of family in America is diversifying – only half of American households now fit the nuclear family stereotype. As a result, people want brand marketing to be more representative, which is why IKEA US has released a festive advert highlighting how norms have changed.



  • Article image IKEA Where Life Happens: ads for non-nuclear families

    Many brands have been slow to reflect changing family dynamics, but IKEA has chosen a different path. Its ‘Where Life Happens’ campaign depicts single parenthood, adoption and divorced parents with children. While the ads might not be aspirational, they're depicting the real modern family.

  • Article image How are family dynamics diversifying?

    Starting a family may once have been as simple as getting married, buying a home, and having kids, but as life stages blur and gender roles become less relevant, the traditional rules are being rewritten. Canvas8 spoke to sociologist Philip N. Cohen to understand how the family unit is changing.

  • Article image How are Christmas traditions changing?

    ASOS launched its first ever advent calendar in 2016, promptly setting the web ablaze. But rather than having chocolates or religious imagery behind each window, it instead houses little gifts for beauty buffs. From jumpers to festive decorations, how else are Christmas traditions changing?

  • Article image Why brands are ‘keeping it real’ in their Christmas ads

    After a year marked by divisive rhetoric and seemingly incessant bad news, it’s unsurprising that 2016’s Xmas ads move away from the idea of magical jollity. Canvas8 spoke to Rob Thomas, founder of Practical Semiotics, to understand why the idyllic holiday montage is a thing of the past.