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  • Viewers rely on live TV to connect with the real world
  • Viewers rely on live TV to connect with the real world
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Viewers rely on live TV to connect with the real world

At a time when live TV viewership is declining due to the rise of on-demand and live-streaming options, research of media consumptions habits in the UK has found that live television can offer something that VOD can’t – namely, being able to 'keep in touch with the rest of the world'.



  • Article image Love Island: trash TV that unites Gen Y Britain

    Reality dating show Love Island is gaining popularity year on year – particularly with Gen Y. The show is endearingly relatable, offering a snapshot of human life and it makes for compulsive viewing that brings people together. So how can brands tap into its cult following?

  • Article image Skam: the future of reality television

    Stuck to their smartphones and accustomed to watching what they want, when they want, broadcasters have struggled to adapt to Gen Z’s TV viewing habits. But Skam, a Norwegian teen drama, is demonstrating how ‘real-time’ episodes and social media integration can keep teens hooked on a show.

  • Article image Molotov: Live TV for cord-cutters

    The television industry is in trouble. Cord-cutters are on the rise thanks to competition from over-the-top services, but are viewers ready to abandon live shows completely? Molotov offers live TV coupled with on-demand features on internet-connected devices, combining the best of both worlds.

  • Article image How the internet is changing the television industry

    With on-demand services thriving and viewer numbers falling, is the golden age of TV over? Canvas8 spoke with Alan Wolk, author of Over the top: How the internet is slowly (but surely) changing the television industry, about how TV will adapt and whether the traditional ad model will survive.