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  • A majority of Emiratis would bank with tech firms
  • A majority of Emiratis would bank with tech firms
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A majority of Emiratis would bank with tech firms

Research has found that a majority of Emiratis would be willing to try banking services offered to them by major tech firms they already use. As UAE people grow weary of the experience traditional banking institutions offer, a timely shakeup is needed in the sector to rebuild consumer trust.



  • Consumer Reports enables trust in P2P mobile payments Consumer Reports enables trust in P2P mobile payments

    People use mobile peer-to-peer payments for everything from dinner dates to rent, but it can be hard to discern which services are actually trustworthy. Consumer Reports' 2018 P2P payment ratings rank the services according privacy and security – a first for the product testing entity.

  • Money Messages Money Messages

    Using peer-to-peer payment apps to split a bill has become the norm, especially among Gen Yers in the US, nearly two-thirds of whom have adopted P2P mobile banking functionalities. Venmo alone saw users send and receive $8 billion through its app in Q2 2017, with some even using it to pay each other for drugs. With speed and convenience the main benefits of such payments, new tools are doubling down on this appeal, giving people the ease of mobile transfers without having to open a standalone app.

  • Article image Where do people place their trust?

    In the wake of the steepest drop in trust in recent history, established business, media, and government institutions are being eyed with suspicion. Canvas8 spoke with Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?, to understand who holds sway in the midst of a global trust implosion.

  • Article image PayKey: payments at the tap of a keyboard

    From splitting the bill to seamlessly shopping, people are using peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps for speed and convenience. PayKey cuts out the hassle of opening up yet another app to settle up by making bank-connected payments available straight from a user’s mobile keyboard.