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  • Aussies are hiding spend habits from their partners
  • Aussies are hiding spend habits from their partners
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Aussies are hiding spend habits from their partners

More and more Australians are hiding some of their purchases from their significant others. As money disagreements are common among 70% of Australian couples, research shows they are keeping their finances separate more than ever before.



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    You may regularly devour Big Macs after working out or gladly plod around in Crocs at home, but would you tell others about your fondness for those products? Canvas8 spoke to Veronica Thomas, a marketing professor at Towson University, to learn how secrecy affects people’s relationships with brands.

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  • A third of Aussies are secret spenders A third of Aussies are secret spenders

    Aussies aren’t especially good at money management  the average person pays about $700 in credit card interest each year, while the nation loses more money gambling than anywhere else in the world. Research has now found that a third are keeping their spending a secret from their partner.